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Tab Styles

How long will the tab be used? 
How often will the title change? 
Does the material need to reflect an image of quality? 
  What role does cost play? 

These are all factors to be considered when selecting a tab style. 

And questions that can be answered with one or more of the three major index styles:

  "The tab that's just plain cost-efficient."

 This is the lowest-cost tab index.  Titles may be written or typed on the plain non-laminated tabs, or affixed with pre-typed pressure sensitive labels.  Since the tab area is not reinforced, heavy stock is required to protect against bending and "dog-earing."

 "The tab with staying power." 

 The most popular permanent-title tab index, this style features printed titles with rip-proof film laminate (mylar) over the entire tab area.  Remarkably strong, this tab will withstand hard, continuous usage without tearing, splitting or peeling.  It is available in clear and a wide range of colours.  Real economy for the long run.  Also provides a real quality image. 

 "The practical approach to indexing."

 Plain tabs on which the titles have been printed, this style is the least expensive printed index.  It is the most practical way to meet occasional and short-term needs.  And like the plain tab, it requires heavy stock to protect against bending.


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