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Tab Ink

The standard ink for tab titles is black, and this color is always used with coloured film laminate tabs.  However, other colours may also be used effectively with clear film laminate or on uncoated tabs, and we can match most any colour when a colour sample is supplied.  Also, as indicated by the tab on this sheet, tabs may also be printed in reverse with the tab being the colour you choose and the tab copy being reversed out.  If you prefer, we can select a colour for you. 

Where the extra cost is justified, photography, illustrations, text copy or company logos may be printed in one, two or four colours to add extra dimensions to index sheets.  If you are going that extra mile for colour - you will need to supply the index sheerts pre-printed! 

Our high speed tabbing equipment has heated rollers.

The type of ink used and the amount of coverage affect the ability of the laminate to adhere properly.  The laminate is heated and applied to the sheet.  The laminate may not adhere properly if the ink is not wax-free or the coverage is too heavy.   There is a special cold laminate for this application.

We have had success if the tab was printed via laser copier (only on the tab area)

Consider this when planning tabs and if you have any concerns, send us a sample and we will test it.  It is better to locate a problem before rather than after printing a job.

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