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Copy Style

Copy style is the format determining how your index tab titles will read-top to bottom, side to side, toward the binding or away from it. 

Style "A"
This is the most popular style for ring book binders.  It permits full use of the tab length and allows for two or three line of copy per tab.
Style "B"
Another popular style for ring book binders, this style is best suited for numerical or single letter titles.
A combination of styles A and B, this style is ideal when both titles and numbers are needed to identify various sections in a ring binder format. This is not used often.
Known as a hanging style or copy facing out, this style is commonly used by being  fastened in a binder at the top with the tabs hanging down from the bottom of the sheet. 

Style "C"
The first tab position is on the far right.

Style "D"
The first tab position is on the far left.

Known as the pyramid style, this style is also used in ring binders.  Where more than one-line titles are required, this style may be difficult to read.

Since an index's purpose is to signal the content of each section, it's best to summarize sections in as few words as possible.  In some instances, a picture or drawing may be the most effective way to make sure the signal is received quickly and easily.

Choose a type style, which is easy to read and will complement the overall design of your catalog.  Proper type size is just as important as the typeface. Avoid sizes which are too large and dominate the tab, or too small and seem to "float."  We recommend you allow us to select the type style for your indexes.  We'll select the best looking and most visible style that the size of your tab dictates.  We will also try to match any type style you request.

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