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 Before selecting your index paper stock, consider these variables: 

Will the catalog be replaced frequently? 
Will the catalog be used in presentations where a quality image is important? 
Will printing appear on the sheet as well as the tab area? 
Will white serve your purpose or do you want to make an impression with color stock? 

Common Sheet Size: 11" x 8½", and 8½" x 5½" plus ½" tab extension. 

The tab part extends ½ more than the regular paper. 8 ½ x 11 paper with a tab ... 
you will require to print on 9 x 11 paper.

A general rule about index paper weight is this:  if they get heavy use and you don't want film laminate reinforcing, you need a heavier stock.  Normally, a lighter weight stock is sufficient for reinforced indexes, which can be an economical alternative to costly heavyweight stock. 

Our standard stock is 90lbs.

Also, if you intend to replace the indexes frequently, the stock can be even lighter, though we do not recommend this. 

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